Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting

It’s not like everyone search for free vps hosting providers. While most of webmasters happy with shared hosting there are those who find shared hosting is not enough for their needs.  For example if you want to run a game server then you need your own vps. Same for if you want to run an active forum.

Main problem is VPS hosting is fairly expensive than shared hosting. It can cost you around $10 per month even if you are paying unmanage vps server. Unless you have enough funds with you or you are running a profitable web site or forum this going to be a trouble. This is when you would start looking for free vps hosting services.

Fortunately there are really good free vps providers out there. You are going to get an un-manage vps so you will have take care of everything but at least you get without spending money at all. Here are the Free VPS provider list, if you are looking for one, is the best and top free private server provider out there. There are any other site which can complete with them at the moment. They do give aways once a month and offer all kinds of private servers. YOu can get servers from 1GB to 128MB from all around the world from USA to Europe. All you have to do is make sure you have complete their requirements and when you receive a VPS you have to make 20 posts in their forum per month. Their VPS are all from Sponsors and those they have bough from various providers. is a new provider but they have a promising start. There all you have to do it earn 100 points by posting topics and replys in their forum. They have  great automated system so you get details of your vps within minutes of submitting the request. You need 100 points per month to keep the vps alive so you will have to stay active in their forum. You can earn these points with 20 or less posts if you are making some good posts.

23/08/2010 – Now you only Need 50 points to get your free vps and 50 points monthly to keep it. This 50 point can be earn just by making 10-15 posts so I don’t think anywhere else you can get a free vps for this quick. – is another free vps hosting site which offer both Linux and Windows servers. Similar to but their forum is smaller and they except you to post very high quality posts. They have a give away everyone and for applying you need to have at least 25 posts and then you need to make 25 posts per month. –

15/11/2015 – Now you need 100 points/posts to get your vps. is another P2H Free vps hosting provider. They provide free cPanel hosting for 10 quality posts and free 512MB VPS for 40 quality posts. Requirements are little bit tougher than other providers but they have a very active forum so it’s not hard to get there fast. I made aroun 60s within 4 days and received my vps. They don’t ask for link backs or anything. You need to make 30 posts per month to keep vps. – (Dead)

15/11/2015 – This site is dead. That’s a real unfortunate because they were doing really a good job. They were not pushing or demanding lot but provided really good servers. Sadly the service was abused beyond control and owner decided to can it. They should have manage the site better. Anyway it’s gone now. is another new free server provider which has launched their site recently. I have received a server from them and have had it over a week without a single problem.  There are 2 really great things about this provider.  They provide Windows vps and it’s not often you find something offering these for free. Second thing is they don’t have like post limit per month or anything. It’s just you need to be active in their forum.

15/11/2015 –  Site seems dead.

28/04/2015 –  Out of stock. was formerly Host4Post. They have offered 512MB and 1GB vps so far but to new to make a review or anything. Also provider free cPanel shared hosting.  You need to have at least 30 posts before apply for a vps and another 20 posts every month after receiving a VPS.

28/04/2015 – Unfortunately forum and owner both inactive. is the same one knowns as You need to have 20 posts for apply for a free vps and then need to have 20 post per month to keep it.

Looks like they don’t have any free vps to offer at the moment.(18-04-2015)

15/11/2015 – Site is dead. They had that coming with owners bad attitude so wouldn’t hav..

Technspecs is another post to host type free vps hosting provider. You need to have 30 posts to apply for an VPS then 25 per month to keep it. Also provide Top Level Domain names and free cPanel web hosting for forum activity.  DO NOT recommend them. There’s something shady about the whole thing. They offer vps, suspend, ban you and offer the vps  to someone else. I guess this is why there aren’t many who got vps there. You can see they say they have given many but the number doesn’t tally with number of members who actually have vps.

Conclusion dominate this market. They offer plenty of free vps every month and they are very professional about it. If you want a free server then you must register there. My second personal favorite is They only offer you 512MB vps but this is where you can get those quickest. But make sure to follow rules and make quality posts. I saw members trying to use various loopholes but sooner or later you will be found and loose your vps.

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