How To Make Quality Web 2.0 Properties

How To Make High Quality Web 2 Properties

How To Make Quality Web 2.0 Properties

If you are planing to create set of Web 2.0 properties for 1 tire of your money site then It’s important to make sure they have quality content also look natural. Gurus talk a lot about making these web 2.0s and leaving no foot prints for Google. But unless you are doing at mass level you don’t have to do all that. All you have to do is create genuine set of small sites which are related to your niche and keep those update with new contest regularly.

If you have a single site project then it’s not hard at all.  This will be a time consuming task but you well get lots of long term benefits from the whole process.

  • Make sure to create sites with most popular web 2.0 properties. There are 100’s of sites but most of these sites shut down sooner or later. So You need to start with strongest sites.,,, Google sites,,, should be included in your first five sites. Here you can get full list of Web 2.0 Properties 2015.
  • It’s better create content by your self if you can or you can hire a writer for this. Whatever you do content has to be unique and original. Do not use any type of scraped, duplicate content. You need to have at least 400 words for each page or post. It’s okey to have more but better not have less. Don’t add links to your site in first  5 or so posts. Wait till site is picked up by Google search.
  • Each post should  have couple of images, link backs to internal pages, link to external authority site, a Youtube video. make sure your internal pages are linked to each other using keywords in content. It’s something very important but neglected by many.
  • You don’t need to add back link to your site from every page or post in your web 2.0 sites. Just add links to different pages in your money site once a while.  If you do it too often it would look suspicious and spammy. Also make sure to pay more attention to these pages link back to your money site. Add a bit of content to these pages at least once a month.
  • Make sure your web 2.0 properties have at least 25 posts. Once you reach 25 pages/posts then you can slow down and add a post once a month. So if you have 30 web 2.0 properties in your 1teir then you only need to update once site per day.
  • Make sure to Ping every page you make. You need to get these pages indexed in Google as soon as possible. There are Link Indexing services which let you do this for paid. Check our Webmaster tool list to find a free option.
  • Add a contact page to each site and even a privacy policy if you can, These things give you more authentic look to your web 2.0 properties. You have to do everything you can to make these sites looks real and authentic.
  • Once you have at least 25 pages you can start building backlinks to these web 2.0 sites. Don’t add any low quality or spam link to these. You don’t want to get your web 2s banned by Google after all these hard work. You can use manually created social bookmarks, Social media links, Quality web 2 properties from sellers in webmaster forums, even your own 2 teir web 2 site set for this.

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