Freedomainclub Review

FreeDomain.Club Free VPS Review

Freedomainclub Review is another free hosting provider which I can say one of the best out there.  They are new so you won’t find too many reviews about this site but if you are looking for a free private server then you should check them. In my option at the moment they are the second best free vps hosting provider out there. Only better one is which has been around for long and also has larger scale operation. Here owner provide vps rather than you get from sponsors. This makes you get support faster than from other sites since there is no middle man between sponsor and your self.

One of the best features of FreeDomain.Club is their automated system for giving away these free private servers. Once you obtain required amount of points all you have to do it click a button and you get details of your vps in seconds in your mail. Even doesn’t have this.

Current requirement for a free vps is earning 100 points by posting in the forum. Which is not hard at all. I think this can be achieved with less than 30 posts if you can write few sentences in each post. After receiving your server all you have to do is keep earn 100 points for each month. Forum will automatically take off 100 points at begin of each month. Since all other free server hosting forums have a requirement around 30 posts per month and 30 initial posts I don’t think they offer is bad at all.

Server specs are,

  • 2 CPU Cores.
  • Disk Space: 10GB (SSD Cached).
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 1 * IPV4.

Amount of space you are getting is low than some other free providers but rest is not bad. I have had a server for now more than one week and haven’t a had any problems or any downtime so far. I had a small problem with ip address but admin/owner sorted it out in no time. He is very friendly and keen to help you if you need support.

They used to give away free domain names for points too but I don’t know if that service is still available or not. You need 650 points for .com / .net / .org domain name and 500 points for an .info domain name. Domain renewal cost all any TLD is 800 point. (I have no idea if these rules has changed. Will update the topic when I find out).

They allow you to have game servers as long as it won’t be too IO intensive. If you have a web forum is had grown out of your shared hosting account and too big for shared hosting then this would a great news for you. All you have to do is install a web server and data base server or just a free control panel like Kloxo-MR or VestaCP and you will able to host your forum here without a problem. Also it will be same you earn money online using your WordPress sites or any other web sites and you are looking for a free private server.

So here’s another really good free private server hosting provider. Few years back having a good vps which stable enough host web sites was a something unreal and now things are changing so fast.

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