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If you want a free vps then just goto and get yours. You don’t need to read the whole review. They are legit and the best free vps provider in market today. I have been using the forum for nearly three years since 2012 and using a vps given by them for more than a year. I changed the vps couple of time just to get better specs since when my account there got enough points and I have to say all these vps are from real-time server hosting providers and with 99% uptime. I haven’t had any problem just because I got it for free. It was just like a paid vps you would get from a good hosting company.

They are technically a post to host type free hosting provider but they do have their own point system.  What important is this ” score ” rather than points. If you are to request a vps then you need to have minimum of 30 posts and a 55+ score. Plus you need to have 0% warning level and there is this interesting requirement which only they have, If you live in a country which has US current trade sanctions then you won’t get a server. So if you are from North Korea or Iran you are out of luck.

After that you need to make 20 posts in the forum to keep your vps. There might be special requirements depending on which VPS you have. Some will need a back-link and many will have some restrictions like No open proxies or IRC bots allowed.  Also I don’t think you are allowed to use Adult content in any of these servers.  Another think is you can’t resell. have servers with different specs from 3GB RAM to 128MB RAM. Also from different geo locations like USA, UK, Germany, Italy etc. Some of these servers are sponsored by Hosting companies and rest is FreeVPS property. If you want support you need to get it done through forum staff.  You can not contact sponsors or providers directly.

Anyway this is the best one and you won’t find a better free vps hosting provider for a long time. There are some other free vps providers but none of them are stable like or have been around for long enough.  You can host your production  level sites in these vps because you can be sure about server uptime and also they won’t go out of business anytime soon.

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