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Free Article Rewriting Software 2016

There are so many free article rewriting software out there but not all of these free spinner software can do it properly. There are professional article rewriting software out there which you have to play but can spin articles lot better than those free tools. Most of those tools offer free trials so you can try before buying.

But if you have no money to buy these and looking for just a free tool then you will need to try all these free tools and find the best one. Another important thing to remember is you will never get a 100% readable article by these article spinning tools. Need to do spoof reading and correct all grammar problems. Also you must take check your content for duplicate content too. For that you can use Copyscape of an free alternative for that. So lets see which free content rewriting tools out there.

Article Spinner VA Article Rewriter

There is a different between these two things. An article writer will simply re-write the given article with different words and order.  Like I want a big Apple to I want a large Apple. But Spinner gives you the write back with options. lets say the same sentence but when you spin it,  I want a {big,large} Apple.

There are so many lists of free article rewriting software out there but 99% those lists are not updated for 2016. Most of these are outdated with many  of free services gone out of business. So here’s an upto-date Free Article Rewriting Software 2016. If you find any of these software/sites not working anymore, Plz leave a comment and notify so we can keep the list clean and upto date.

A List of Free Article Rewriting Software 2016

ContentProfessor –

I was recommended this one by a friend of mine. It has a free version and a paid version. They asked you an email activation but I have never received it. But No need to worry. You don’t need to start using their free service. Just login and you will be taken to the panel. It has lots of opens for re-writing and spinning so definitely should check this one. Of course they try their best to push to buy their software and you have to tolerate that. Also they make create a 3 minute delay before downloading spinned articles for free accounts.

Bestfreearticlespinner –

Bestfreearticlespinner is a web based article spinner. It’s a simple tool which provide you given content in Spintax Form. You can create 3 articles in 24 hours and if you register you can make 10 articles per day. It’s a spinner not article re-writer.

Smallseotools Article Rewriter –

This is another free tool and very basic one. It’s provides you re write suggestions in different colors. Not something for mass production but good for simple stuff.

spinbot –

Spinbot another free rewrite tool. This web based tool let you write write articles with 10,000 characters or less. Gave some good result when I tested it. They do have an API and paid subscription too.

Caligonia –

This tool doesn’t automatically rewrite the article for you. It shows your each sentences in 3 boxes so you can change those. caligonia might not be the method you want but if you want unique and 100% readable articles then the best way is do those your self manually. And caligonia is a great for that. –

Another decent free tool for content rewriting. I did test it and result was decent for an automated tool. At least what I got was readable.

WordFlood –

WordFlood is a free desktop tool. I don’t use it but heard some good stuff about it so thought mention it here. Post your thoughts if you use it. –

It’s same script used by Probably same owner, uploaded into 2 different domain names.

SpinnerChief 4 Free Version –

SpinnerChief 4 has both free and paid versions. Also you can download it as a software or use online too. As to their website you can only do basic spinning with free version. I used to it years ago but haven’t used it recently. –

Another website which offers free content rewriting. No fancy stuff. Add your content and it give throw you a rewrittebn version of it.

Article Reviser –

This is one of my personal favorite software. It’s not an automated tool. Article Reviser is tiny desktop software which helps you to rewrite your articles manually.  If you prefer to do the rewriting by your self then you will love this tool. Download it free from (You need to provide an e-mail address. once you click the verification link there will be another mail with download link)

So test these tools and find the best one. Don’t forget to update us about your experience and about dead tools. This will help everyone and also save time. 🙂

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