How to Install Virtualmin

How To Install Virtualmin on Ubuntu

In This tutorial you learn how to install Virtualmin on Ubuntu operating system.  There won’t be too much technical stuff and we get go through just how to get through whole installation process even you have never used either Ubuntu or Virtualmin.  Ubuntu is probably the best operating system to install Virtualmin and probably the easiest too.

First Open PuTTY and  input your ip address and click open

Opening PuTTY

Now you will probably see this message below . Just click OK and move to next step.

PuTTY Warning

Now you will see the ssh login screen.  Your username should be  root and then the password. You have to type the password. Can not copy and paste. If login details are correct below screen will appear.

shh login screen

Now use these command

apt-get update

When it complete running run this

apt-get upgrade

You will be 2 [Y/n] questions where you have to just type Y and end in both cases. After that you will see Postfix Configuration screen. (Below). Click Exit.

Postfix Config

After that again Click OK on next option below.


There will another 2 questions where you will have to type Y and continue. Now use below command and Type Y if it ask a question.

apt-get dist-upgrade

Now use the blow command

apt-get autoremove

Now you have to reboot the vps. Just type blow command and once it done close PuTTY and redo the login process again.


Now it’s time to install Virtualmin. Run this command


Now this,

chmod +x



There will be a screen with Y/n question which as you about OS. Just click Y again. Now Virtualmin installation process will start and it might take a bit time. Once it’s done just reboot the vps again. Now you can login to  control panel.


Now use your root login details to get in. Now it’s time to Configure Virtualmin.  🙂

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