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How to get a Free Windows VPS is a question I have been ask by so many in this blog and also in various forums. A tricky question but the short answer is yes you can find free Windows vps offers. But the boring part is weeding out all those fake free Windows server offers and those offers which ask for a credit card.

Sometimes it’s lot easier to find a ultra cheap Windows vps than finding a perfect free one. Perfect and Free are two words which rarely work together. Sometimes these free hosting servers are too slow or you won’t get enough resources for your requirement. But it’s hard to complain when you get it for free. If you are willing pay for it then you can find a decent Windows VPS with 2GB RAM and 2vcores for around $7 per month.

There are several down sides of this kind of free servers. You won’t get premium support so you can’t except everything to be sorted out as soon as you create a ticket in support system. Another problem is, most of the time hosting providers use low-end servers for free deals. Also there is the location problem. You have no choice but get the server from wherever they offer. So lets say if Server is located in Canada and you live in Asia. Your remote desktop connection with server gonna be bit slow.

There are so many free vps hosting providers today but 90% of them are not for you since you need KVM or VMware to run Windows. So only way is finding a free KVM vps provider. But still there are several places where you can get reliable free Windows VPS.

This is the biggest free vps provider in market today. They do monthly free vps give away and They do have several sponsors who offer KVM servers which let you install various Windows Server version.  This is post 4 host type forum which has a requirement of 15 posts per month if you start using one of their vps. Support is forum base but even faster than you expect from an average budget vps provider. is another post 4 host type provider but they are new. But the do have several sponsors who have provided some really good vps with amazing specs. Cool thing is most of these VPS have 1GB or 2GB Ram and you can run Windows server since some or either KVM or use VMware.

Something you need to remember is none of these hosting providers offer Windows License. So either you need to use your own (if you have) or use trial version.

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