Web Hosting Related Forums

Web Hosting Related Forums

Web Hosting Related Forums

This Web Hosting Related Forums list will be useful for two things mainly. If you have a hosting related problem and searching for place to get help then the list will be very useful for you. If you are a small time web hosting provider who is looking for new clients then this list will be a great help for you too. Hosting providers need to understand these forums are not to be spam. It won’t help your company to give you sales.

Just hang around these forums and help members. Soon people will realized you are good at what you do and want to buy services from you. Basically they will want to use your web hosting service. All you have to do it build the trust and credibility.  It will even work for web hosting affiliates because people will start asking questions and recommendations from you.

If you are a provider make sure you use all options in these forums so other members can contact your inside or out side forum. For example you can use signature and profile site link and also add FB page, Twitter and other Social media links connect to your service or site.

Free Hosting Provider Forums –

Even though they supply a free service there will be potential buyers. Find out how to can find clients. Don’t try to spam and make sure you read and understand TOS of each provider. You will find some free hosting providers are not active or ran out of service. But still it’s worth joining and posting.

  • Freevps.us
  • Freedomain.club/forums/
  • Gigarank.net/forum/
  • nationserver.us
  • quantumglimpse.com
  • technspecs.me
  • forum.haphost.com
  • forum.hostinganl.net
  • geaviews.in

VPS Forums –

  • vpsboard.com
  • myvpsforum.com/discussions
  • forum.findvpshost.com/
  • Lowendtalk.com
  • 96forum.com
  • PowerVPS.info

General Hosting Forums –

  • hostingdiscussion.com
  • webhostingtalk.com

Web Hosting Provider Support Forums

It’s not ethical to goto someones support forum and promote other service. Unless you are offering something different like installation/ server management /security audit / Software services etc.

  • forums.hostgator.com
  • forums.knownhost
  • discussion.dreamhost.com
  • forum.ovh.com
  • sixserve.com/forums
  • eukhost.com/forums/
  • forum.siteground.com

Hosting Related Software Support Forums (Free)

  • forum.centos-webpanel.com
  • forum.vestacp.com
  • free-installations.info/forums/
  • forum.mratwork.com
  • community.lxcenter.org
  • howtoforge.com/community/#ispconfig-3.23
  • virtualmin.com/forums
  • sourceforge.net/p/webadmin/discussion/60015
  • forum.froxlor.org
  • forums.sentora.org

Hosting Related Software Support Forums (Commercial)

  • forums.cpanel.net
  • forum.directadmin.com
  • softaculous.com/board/
  • forum.odin.com

Other Forums with a Hosting Board

  • wjunction.com/46-vps
  • forums.networksolutions.com/vps-f133.html
  • forums.digitalpoint.com/forums/web-hosting.122/

Make sure NOT to SPAM any of these forums. You are not going to gain any clients or back-link that. Take your time and get to know other members. Do not start promote your service or add any links right away. Wait till you have at least 100 posts and you a several weeks old member there. Also you must find creative methods to get it done. Treat all these sites with respect.

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