Knownhost Review

KnownHost Review – Best VPS Provider

Knownhost Review

I should have written this Knownhost Review long time ago because This is one of the very few vps providers I can recommend to anyone with 100%  faith. I have been using them since 2011 and yet to have a hard time with them. They are not exactly a budget hosting provider but you get your moneys worth. so needless to say Knowhost is my favorite VPS hosting provider ever since I have started using them. I use their $35 per month 3GB RAM package and very happy with performance, support and uptime.

Why Knownhost ?

My friend and I own this hyper active forum which has grown too fast too soon than we expected. We were kicked out of several shared hosting providers within months and Biggest Godaddy shared hosting package kept us for over two years before asking us to either upgrade to one of their vps packages or move out.  After that we used several vps hosting providers but uptime and support were not so great. So we had to find someone with 100% uptime and fast support but also affordable. We had started searching for a perfect fully managed vps provider. Knownhost  was our final pick and I can happily say we made the right choice.

Godaddy vs Knownhost

Many ask me why you didn’t go for Godaddy vps  ? Simple answer is Godaddy is a good domain registrar and their shared hosting is okey if you don’t ask too much. But if you are looking for a vps then Godaddy is not exactly what you are looking for. I can’t say their hosting support is good. I have contacted them many times for shared hosting support and most of the time I was just given links to their knowledge base. I didn’t feel like any of them have technical knowledge about hosting problems. Also they would take upto 24 hours to respond to you. Their “Fully manage” vps packages cost you around $150 per month and “Manage” packages cost around $40 per month.

With Knowhost you can get fully managed vps packages from $25 (+$5 for cPanel) and Usually support respond to your tickets within 10 minutes. Also their servers seems lot faster than Godaddy servers. No competition between these two web hosting providers. Knownhost wins everytime.

KnownHost vs WiredTree

I had really hard time choosing between these two. They are both have a great reputation and quality great in every possible way. The reason I went for Knownhost is they have cheaper packages than WiredTree.  I think WiredTree hardware are more powerful but their packages cost you around $20 more. It’s not a fault but what KnownHost offers is perfectly enough for me and their packages are affordable too.


I’m not an expert when it comes to web hosting but I have been using shared hosting for over 10 years and VPS hosting for more than 5 years. I have 6 servers including 2 fully managed and 4 self managed. I have used servers from various popular providers. In my opinion KnownHost is the best one I have ever used.  If you don’t know much about hosting and don’t want spend time meddling with servers then Knownhost is a great choice for you. They will take care of all technical side things of your server and you will get pretty much 100% up-time.

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