Magmahost SPAM

Magmahost SPAM

Magmahost SPAM

Magmahost hosting company which I used more than five years ago. One of the crappiest hosting companies and if you search Google  you would only see negative reviews about them. It used to be a web hosting company started by one guy and run by him self and few others for support. Then company was sold of another company called Yomura Holdings and things went from worse to worst. The guy never told clients about this and everyone find out this when people started complain about downtimes in forum he used to be a member.

I think most people couldn’t even get a backup of their sites. Fortunately I took my backups and canceled the account before he sold the company. I saw this coming long before. Anyway after few months I had started receiving invoices again and also even a suspension notice !!!¬† It stopped after sending him a mail but this have been happening time to time. I have reachieved another one of their invoices few days back and suspension warning today.

I don’t know if this Magmahost is still belongs to Yomura Holdings or it’s sold again but whatever it is they are a bad name for hosting business. If you want a example for bad budget web hosing then Magmahost is the one. I guess they have kept all data of customers since those all days. Haven’t removed details of even those customers moved away from them.

There are plenty of other really good budget hosting companies and even free web hosting providers which are better than these guys. I highly down you would find any positive reviews of Magmahost after the first takeover. I wonder if there are anyone else out there who’s having same problem. I’m sure most of of customers of their receiving these mails if not most of them. This is one web hosting company which should be avoided at all costs.

If you are using a budget web hosting company then it’s really important to take regular backups by your self no matter what the hosting company tells you. Also jump the ship at first signs of trouble or you won’t come out with looses. I have seen this happened so many times. It might be run by the nicest guy in the world who reply to all your support tickets but if he sells the company or become bankrupt you will be in trouble long before you realize it.

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