freevps 5 year aniversary

5 Year Anniversary of

Today is the 5th anniversary of It’s probably the best free virtual private server provider in market today. This is one of the two my all  time favorite free hosting providers. These days P2H providers having hard time to keep their services active. My other favorite free hosting service, Firhost is kind of inactive these days even though we haven’t experienced any downtime. But I gaining more sponsors and more new members by every month and getting better and better.

I  don’t remember where exactly I heard about this great forum but I joined in November 2012. I didn’t ask for a vps right away but just waited for year or so. Only last year I requested for vps and received it without a problem. I have change my vps several times and my current vps is from Hostigation, a 1GB RAM vps with 50GB space and 1TB bandwidth. If you are buying a server like this from a budget hosting provider like WeLoveServer it cost around $20 a year. I have  to mention Hostigation is NOT sponsor there. These severs are bought and given to members by

Cool thing about is all the servers they offer are from welcome web hosting companies. These vps are not like from some welknown terrible free vps providers in market like haphost or which offer 128MB vps which have more down time than uptime. Only thing you can see as down side is support can take time since you can’t directly contact the hosting company. But you are getting these servers for free so you can’t ask for everything to be perfect. You are not getting everything perfect even at budget hosting providers.

Anyway for the anniversary they are offering some new stuff for forum members. All vps users there will receive Free KwiBill Licenses. It’s a new billing software which cost you around $40 you want to buy it.  Also there is a Games Giveaway buy staff.

If you are not a member there yet and you would like to have a good free vps for hosting yours or just for testing and learning then you should join this forum.  [Click Here to Join The forum]. All you need is just 20 posts every month to keep your vps and these days you can easily get a 1GB vps from there without much trouble.

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