Goodhosting Review

GoodHosting Gone Bad was good vps hosting provider which was well-known for their budget packages. Since last December they have been having problems and it seems now things become worst from worse. It’s owner used to be very active on and used to provide really good support. They haven’t had too many negative reviews still things have started gone back since end of last year.

I don’t know what exactly has gone wrong but they seems to have server downs and tickets are not getting answered. had been sponsoring servers for several free vps hosting providers and has just released an announcement asking for those who use free vps sponsored by need to move. Looks like they have had same problem with support.

It’s sad to see a good budget hosting provider having this kind of troubles. Anyway it’s a good practice to keep an eye on your hosting providers latest news and what other clients say. If you have a big site hosted then you must take back ups of the site regularly. Specially if you have hyper active forum or other site with members creating content everyday yo don’t want to loose even one days work.

Either you need to take manual backups or setup automated backup process into another vps server or somewhere else. There are so many hosting providers offer premium backup services these days and you can even use of these servers from free vps hosting providers to get it done. Better do something do no need to regret later.

Anyway back to, their main web site is working and they haven’t mentioned anything about their current problems or difficulties. I don’t if all servers down or not but I heard servers in Canada and Chicago are down right now. This will not be good for their reputation even if this is only¬† temporary thing. But it looks more like they are having bigger problems than mere server downs.

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