Earning Money Online Is Not Easy

Earning Money Online Is Not Easy

This blog is not one of those expert blogs about earning money online. It’s just a journal for me to keep track of things I do and various new tools, themes and plugins I find. It also a place I can refer when my friends asking me simple things about web design, web hosting and search engine optimization.  I repeat same stuff again and again when people asks same questions. So it will save my time as well as my friends or anyone who visit will get more information. I’m not a expert of anything and this blog is not for those experts either.

I have been doing this for long time as part-time job and learned a lot about every single thing related to earn money online. But  I haven’t able to have much success all because of I’m a super lazy guy. I think if you want to be successful then you need to understand your weaknesses and do something about those. So here are my problems and demons which I’m trying to outwit.

  • I’m a lazy ass who get distracted easily. This is the biggest problem I have. I spend too much time doing useless things than useful things online. Anyone who wants to earn then have to work like crazy. No short cuts or easy ways.
  • Running too many Projects. This is my second biggest problem. I start new projects every-time I see something potential. So in all these years I have ended up with so many projects with very little success. If you want to earn then first you have to get somewhere with one project before moving to next one.
  • Not moving on is one of my another problems. If one of those project doesn’t work then you have to move to something which work rather than wasting money on that. I have so many domain names and hate to giveup even those which I have no use at all anymore.
  • Not aggressive enough for getting traffic. I have this tendency to waiting for Google to send me all the traffic for my hard work and go and take it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. We have to find new sources of traffic and also find way to increase traffic from search engines. Not just from Google but also from Yahoo and Bing.
  • Trying too many things.  Another big problem. I read a lot and trying to do too many things without having long term plans. So usually nothing works. Sucess stories are great motivations but everyone has their own way and you have to stick with something work for you.

My main online income come from Google AdSense and Amazon. But recently I noticed earnings have gone down dramatically specially in AdSense. All my fault since I haven’t touched my AdSense sites for years. Those sites are not modern and also those niches are outdated. So I need to let these sites go and start working on few new sites.  I already have few domain names so I will start with those.

Amazon is my favorite thing. Less risky than AdSense and you can do well if you have enough traffic from USA. But again things has changed a lot. Only thing which work great for Amazon is WordPress sites and I’m trying to build few sites targeting several products.

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